What is
Walking and Talking?

Dynamic and effective coaching sessions conducted outdoors while walking in the amazing scenery of Somerset and Dorset.
Find out more about the philosophy behind it.
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How does
it work?

I have developed dynamic and effective coaching sessions in Somerset and Dorset.

My sessions are conducted outdoors while walking, as I have found the simple act of walking whilst talking out life’s issues – creates an ideal environment of possibility and change.


What is
the solution?

You will realize that you are the hero of your own life.

We can help getting balance back in your life, and escape from depression, anxiety, the stress of modern living, confusion, lack of self esteem, and of course family and relationship issues.


Take the walk with Nils Omell.

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What if
I am unfit to walk or
the weather is bad?

I can offer office based sessions, or in the garden of your home.
Feel free to contact me for personalised sessions.
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